Lunars: Fangs at the Gate for Exalted 3rd Ed.

Created by Richard Thomas

A deluxe supplement detailing the Lunar Exalted for the Exalted 3rd Edition tabletop RPG

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Heroes & Monsters Preview
about 1 year ago – Tue, Mar 12, 2019 at 01:03:46 PM

Hello Gatecrashers,

We're in the final days, and unleashing Stretch Goals left and right!

Thanks to your support, Many-Faced Strangers, the Lunars Companion PDF, will contain awesome full color Exalted artwork! In addition, one future supplement will also be upgraded to full color artwork, so we're paying it forward as we go!

One final glimpse at the manuscript today, showcasing bits from the final chapter to be posted - Heroes & Monsters. Enjoy!


After all these centuries, Lilith’s youth seems like a dream. Her recollections are sharp but fleeting, a dwindling flock of brilliant images against the dark — the verdant fields of Erya-Duat, that fertile enclave carved out of the Southern desert; the hunt against the great vulture-strix wherein she Exalted, strangling the arrow-riddled beast as it raked her with terrible claws; racing with her Lunar mentor across the night skies, chasing the moon into the west.

But more than anything, she recalls her first glimpse of Andamani of the Scarlet Field. O! so resplendent in gold and crimson, so proud of bearing! O! and how his icy countenance melted into a warm smile when he saw her, how that warmth that suffused her in turn. In that moment, memories not her own flooded her, a rush of past lives weighted with passions she could not name.

Their love caught fire in an instant, and for a time it was all-consuming. They dallied in Ilyamun’s hidden gardens, danced in the ballrooms of Malachite’s Dawn, addressed the Deliberative from a shared plinth, and rode to war against the House of Shards in the same chariot.

Over time their love cooled, and troubles grew more frequent, marring their life together with occasional quarrels, lies, and betrayals. But their bond remained firm until the end.

When Andamani perished in the Usurpation, Lilith was shattered. Escaping the first Wyld Hunts, she joined her fellow Lunars to shape the nascent Silver Pact.

She stayed with the Pact for a time, advising her peers in matters of society and war. But too many things reminded her of Andamani, of the relationship she’d woven through every aspect of her life for a thousand years. She tried to lose herself in war against the Shogunate — inspiring rebels, battling soldiers, murdering ministers and generals — but her ravaged heart remained raw, and every dealing with humanity was salt in the wound.

It was easier to be an owl, with an owl’s innocent hungers and needs, than to be human, with human memories and pain. As the centuries passed, her dealings with Creation — battles with the Shogunate, dalliances with heroes and spirits, tutelage of young Lunars — grew fewer and farther between. Meanwhile, she spent more and more time as a beast, hunting and soaring through the wilderness.

Eventually, she stopped changing back.

Five years ago, Andamani was reborn, along with the other imprisoned Solars. Through the bond they’d once shared, through dreams, through the wind’s scent, she sensed his return. Slowly, she awakened from being an owl. Slowly, she became Lilith once more.

Stirred from her avian dream, Lilith seeks new purpose in an unfamiliar world. She pursues rumors of the Solars among mortals and spirits, hoping to find Andamani reborn. But she also pursues meaning among her own kind. A few surviving First Age and early Shogunate-era Lunars are known to her, and though she’s not yet ready to commit herself to the Silver Pact and its responsibilities, she would renew those friendships — and her vendetta against the usurpers.

Other Lunars, hearing rumors of the questing owl, now seek out Lilith in turn. The eldest Pact members know her as a peer, while younger Lunars desire her strength and her counsel.

Lilith’s human form is a lean, dark-skinned woman of middle height. Moonsilver mail of ancient design covers her body; an owl’s-head helm conceals her silver-white hair. But she rarely assumes human form, favoring a variety of animal shapes, her owl shape most of all. 

Lilith is typically silent, not out of shyness, but because she only speaks when she has something to say. This trait becomes less exaggerated as she spends more time in human company.

Elder Prowess

Waking Dreamer Fugue

Cost: —; Mins: Manipulation 5, Essence 6

Type: Permanent

Keywords: None

Duration: Permanent

Prerequisite Charms: Silver Mask Submersion

When Lilith uses Silver Mask Submersion in an animal shape, she remains capable of shifting into other forms, although she retains the Intimacies of the shape she used that Charm in. If she enters a human shape, she can simulate human behavior, although her demeanor is noticeably strange; she’ll likely be treated as though she were mad or possessed.

Silver Mask Submersion’s mote cost is waived in Lilith’s spirit shape. 


Creation is home to innumerable species of beetles, found in any habitat imaginable save the seas and the far North. Some are despised as vermin; others are prized, like the rhinoceros beetles that Dynasts train to participate in wrestling competitions. Many, but not all, species can fly, though some prefer ground-based movement.

Essence: 1; Willpower: 1; Join Battle: 3 dice 

Health Levels: −1/−2/−4/Incap.

Actions: Flight: 4 dice; Senses: 4 dice; Stealth: 5 dice (see Camouflage); Wriggle Through Tight Spaces: 10 dice

Resolve 1, Guile 1


Attack (Mandibles): 3 dice (Damage 12B against Minuscule Size enemies. Can’t deal decisive damage to larger enemies.)

Attack (Grapple): 7 dice (3 dice to control. Can’t grapple larger enemies)

Combat Movement: 4 dice

Evasion: 2 (see Minuscule Size); Parry 1 

Soak/Hardness: 1/0


Camouflage: Many beetle species’ coloration lets them blend into their native environments, such as leafy vegetation or desert sand, doubling 9s on Stealth rolls there.

Minuscule Size: +3 Evasion against larger foes’ attacks. Larger characters subtract three successes from Awareness-based rolls against them. Against foes with the Tiny Creature Merit, this drops to +2 Evasion and −2 successes. 


Found throughout the oceans, these eight-armed invertebrates have bulbous heads and beak-tipped maws. Suction cups along their arms grip surfaces and objects, letting them taste whatever they hold. Many species live their lives completely submerged; others inhabit intertidal zones, coming to the surface to bask in the sun or seek food.

Octopuses can change color to blend into their surroundings and avoid predators. Their soft bodies can squeeze through any gap that their beak can fit through; a 500-pound octopus can slip through a hole the size of an obol. All octopuses are venomous, though to humans their bites are an irritant, only deadly in extreme cases. 

Essence: 1; Willpower: 5; Join Battle: 7 dice 

Health Levels: −0/−1x2/−2x2/−4/Incap.

Actions: Feats of Strength: 6 dice (may attempt Strength 3 feats); Senses: 8 dice (see Sharp Sight); Solve Puzzles: 6 dice; Squeeze Through Tight Spaces: 12 dice (see Amorphous Body); Stealth: 7 dice (see Camouflage); Tracking: 5 dice

Resolve 2, Guile 1


Attack (Beak): 6 dice (Damage 6L, see Venom)

Attack (Arms): 7 dice (Damage 7B)

Attack (Grapple): 10 dice (10 dice to control)

Combat Movement: 6 dice (see Ink)

Evasion: 3; Parry 3 

Soak/Hardness: 2/0 

Special Abilities

Ink: The octopus releases a jet of ink, clouding the water around it. It doubles 9s on disengages.

Many-Armed: When flurrying an arm attack, reduce the flurry penalty on both rolls to −1.

Venom: A decisive beak attack inflicts a poison with damage 4i/round, duration 3 rounds, and a −1 penalty.


Amorphous Body: Double 7s on rolls to squeeze through tight spaces.

Camouflage: The octopus changes color to match its surroundings, doubling 9s on Stealth rolls.

Sharp Sight: Double 9s on all sight-based Perception rolls.

Variable Size

These traits depict larger octopus species. For smaller species, adjust their traits as follows:

Miniscule Size: The smallest octopus species, like the deadly blue-ringed octopus, have this Merit. They add +3 Evasion against larger characters’ attacks (+2 if the attacker has the Tiny Creature Merit), and subtract 3 successes from rolls to notice them (2 successes from characters with the Tiny Creature Merit). Their decisive attacks don’t damage larger characters, although they still convey poison.

Tiny Creature: Smaller octopus species have this Merit. They add +2 Evasion against larger character’s attacks, and subtract 2 successes from rolls to notice them. Their withering attacks have damage 3 against larger characters.

Legendary Size: Creation’s seas are home to monstrous octopus species of Legendary Size. In addition to this Merit’s benefits (p. XX), their attacks gains +1 die on attack rolls, +3 Damage, and Overwhelming 3, and they have soak 6 and Hardness 4. They gain three additional −1 and −2 health levels.

Thunder Lizard

These giant long-necked reptiles are Creation’s largest land-dwelling animals, reaching heights of sixty feet and weights of over a hundred tons. With necks up to fifty feet in length, they can easily graze on treetops, though the sheer amount of food they require means they’ll also feed on lower-lying foliage, grasses, and aquatic plants. Most thunder lizard species inhabit wet or coastal habitats, traveling in herds segregated by age. 

Few predators can threaten a thunder lizard herd, and a stampeding herd can reshape the land. Few human societies possess the means to even attempt to hunt thunder lizards, but opportunistically scavenging the remains of those felled by age, disease, or superpredators like tyrant lizards can provide a bounty of meat, bone, and other useful materials.

Essence: 1; Willpower: 3; Join Battle: 6 dice 

Health Levels: −0x5/−1x5/−2x10/−4x10/Incap.

Actions: Feats of Strength: 14 dice (may attempt Strength 10 feats; see Beast of Burden); Resist Poison/Illness: 10 dice; Senses: 7 dice (see Keen Hearing); Threaten: 5 dice

Resolve 3, Guile 1


Attack (Stomp): 8 dice (Damage 17B/4)

Attack (Tail Slam): 6 dice (Damage 19B/5)

Attack (Grapple): 9 dice (7 dice to control. Thunder lizards make unopposed control rolls against smaller enemies, unless they use magic like Dragon Coil Technique.)

Combat Movement: 7 dice

Evasion: 2; Parry 4 

Soak/Hardness: 16/10 

Special Abilities

Thunder Tail: A thunder lizard can swing its tail with speed enough to create a sound like a cracked bullwhip, scaring off would-be predators. It can flurry a tail slam attack with a threaten roll without penalties, adding attack roll extra successes to the threaten roll as dice.

Trample: If a thunder lizard makes a stomp attack against an enemy that provoked its reflexive movement from a rush on his last turn, a hit knocks the enemy prone. Apply the prone defense penalty (Exalted, p. 202) retroactively when calculating the attack’s threshold successes.


Beast of Burden: Double 8s on feats of strength to haul or carry heavy burdens.

Keen Hearing: Double 9s on hearing-based Perception rolls.

Legendary Size: A thunder lizard suffers no onslaught penalties from smaller foes’ attacks , unless inflicted by magic. It can’t be crashed by smaller enemies’ withering attacks unless they have 10+ post-soak damage, although attackers gain the full amount of Initiative damage dealt. Smaller enemies’ decisive attacks can’t deal more than (attacker’s Strength + 3) levels of damage to it, not counting levels added by magic.

Stampede: When a battle group of stampeding thunder lizards moves into close range of an enemy, it reflexively makes an engage gambit (Exalted, p. 209). Engaged enemies suffer a level of automatic bashing damage, ignoring Hardness, at the end of each of their turns.

It's James, your point person for this kickstarter campaign!
It's James, your point person for this kickstarter campaign!

We've got three days left, and a whole lunar cycle of Stretch Goals that I think we can unleash, so keep up the good work sharing your excitement for this project and inviting others to join in!




about 1 year ago – Sun, Mar 10, 2019 at 03:57:15 PM

Hello Gatecrashers,

We're into the final days of the campaign - fewer than 100 hours remain! As discussed in yesterday's post, I'll be highlighting a few key concepts and areas over the next few days, just to make sure everyone has the information they need to get the most of out this Kickstarter campaign.

Review topics to cover over the final week:

Whether you're a new backer or have been with us from day one, these are good items to review to make sure that we all end up where we want to be.

(An aside, if you're a new backer, make sure you check out the MANUSCRIPT PREVIEWS that have been posted - the entire manuscript will be available to review before the campaign concludes)

It's James, your point person for this kickstarter campaign. I'm fighting with the Kickstarter formatting system today, so that's not a smile, it's a scream as I upload images to this post for the fifth time in the past hour!
It's James, your point person for this kickstarter campaign. I'm fighting with the Kickstarter formatting system today, so that's not a smile, it's a scream as I upload images to this post for the fifth time in the past hour!

Today, I am going to talk about ADD ON reward options. On Wednesday,  I'll cover Stretch Goals, and Thursday, before the campaign finishes I will post an update with a Final Checklist & What Comes Next

First Step: Reward Tier  

The absolute best way to ensure that you're getting all of the available rewards you want from this kickstarter is to ensure you've selected the appropriate Backer Reward Tier, as detailed in our Reward Tier Update. Selecting the right Reward Tier covers about 95% of the options available to you. If you want the PDF only, make sure you've selected the correct reward. If you want the deluxe hardcover version, double-check your reward tier to ensure it's featured. If you wanted Many-Faced Strangers, make sure it's included with your choice.

Click to load a complete version of the Reward Tier chart.
Click to load a complete version of the Reward Tier chart.

Once you've completed that important step, you're going to want to look at the extra rewards or any reward "bits" that don't automatically fall into your reward tier. That takes us to Add On rewards.

Step Two: Add-Ons.

If you've selected one of the "core" Reward Tiers, you've likely already included most of the rewards you want. In addition to the rewards offered as part of the Reward Tier configurations, there are a few other possible rewards you may wish to add. All Add-On rewards will be described below.

Each add on includes an extra amount to add on to your total pledge amount. Remember that your total pledge amount includes all shipping charges and not just your reward tier level.

Using myself as an example, my SILVER PACT MENTOR Reward Tier is a $120 pledge, but my total pledge amount is $160 (inclusive of +$40 shipping charges to Canada).

My TOTAL Pledge Amount is $160. That's $120 for my Reward Tier, and $40 for shipping. That's all in US Dollars, which is about $215 Canadian!
My TOTAL Pledge Amount is $160. That's $120 for my Reward Tier, and $40 for shipping. That's all in US Dollars, which is about $215 Canadian!

Reviewing the list of rewards with my Tier, I see that it doesn't include a few of the Add On items that we've introduced since the campaign was launched, in particular the Lunar's Map of Creation and the Songline Legend Runes PDF Bundle. Since I think they look really useful, I'd like to add these on to my rewards list. As noted, the first step should always be to select the proper reward tier to see if there's one that offers everything you want. 

So, I've decided to add these two items to my rewards list, and I need to adjust my Total Pledge Amount to cover the additional pledge amounts required. 

To update my Reward Tier, first I click MANAGE MY PLEDGE 

You can either click the Manage Your Pledge button on the top corner, or just select your reward tier.
You can either click the Manage Your Pledge button on the top corner, or just select your reward tier.

Now I can update my TOTAL PLEDGE AMOUNT to include the cost of the ADD ON reward I wish to add to my rewards list. I click CHANGE YOUR PLEDGE 

Make sure you don't hit Cancel Pledge by accident!
Make sure you don't hit Cancel Pledge by accident!

I can change the pledge amount to include my Add Ons. My new Total Pledge Amount is now $250:

That's $250 in US Dollars, or about $335 in Canadian!
That's $250 in US Dollars, or about $335 in Canadian!
  •  $120 for the SILVER PACT MENTOR reward tier
  •  +$80 for the Cloth Map of Creation - Lunars Version 
  •  +$10 for the Songline Legend Runes Bundle 
  •  +$40 Shipping to Canada

Once I've done that, I can click CONTINUE

It's important to note that there is NO PLACE in your kickstarter reward tier pledge to indicate which add-ons you wish to include, or give any reason why you are adjusting your pledge to a new amount. You aren't adding items to a shopping cart in this scenario - instead, you're adding pledge dollars that you will assign once the campaign ends. With this in mind, you may want to make a note of which add-on items and the associated add-on dollar amounts you've included if you're forgetful like I am.

Once the campaign ends and Kickstarter processes the payments, I will send out a survey via Backerkit - a complex system of tools used to manage the back-end of the kickstarter fulfillment process. When you receive the survey, you will confirm your Backer Reward Tier and assign your pledged dollars to any add-on items that you wish to include. I'll repeat and expand on this information in an upcoming post about "What Happens Next?" in Thursday's update.


PDF ADD ON REWARDS: These PDF rewards can be added to any tier that includes the Fangs at the Gate PDF (anything higher than SILVER PACT INITIATE): 

Our latest Add On reward is the Songline Legend Runes PDF Bundle, just UNLEASHED! as a Stretch Goal we smashed earlier today.  The Songline Legend Runes Add On reward is a bundle of relevant PDFs from previous editions of Exalted, the Songline Legend Runes can provide inspiration and ideas for your Lunars game. This bundle includes the following titles:

  • Creatures of the Wyld
  • Creatures of the Wyld - the Rest of the Creatures
  • Glories of the Most High: Luna
  • Savage Seas 
  • Scavenger Sons

As mentioned, all PDF rewards will be fulfilled by our partners at Previously-released titles are the ones currently available from and were created as best they could be depending on the state of the files. So quality may vary from title to title. 

PHYSICAL ADD ON REWARDS: Note that physical rewards (deluxe hardcover books, Storyteller screen, cloth map) can only be added to Reward Tiers that already include the deluxe hardcover version of Lunars: Fangs at the Gate, and therefore, appropriate shipping charges (SILVER PACT MENTOR or higher).  Also note the different hardcover Add On prices for US- and non-US residents.

Lunars Storyteller Screen featuring beautiful Lunars art on the outer side and a selection of charts and other info on the inside to make the Storyteller's job a little bit easier. This Add-On can only be selected by backers already receiving a deluxe hardcover edition as part of their reward list. 

Increase your total pledge by +$80 to add a roughly 2' x 3' heavy canvas material printed with a map of Creation from the Lunars perspective - with additional emphasis on The Caul. This Add-On can only be selected by backers who are already receiving a deluxe hardcover edition as part of their reward list. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Don't fret if you had forgotten to increase your pledge amount to cover an Add On by the end of the campaign. These Add Ons will be available to select in our post-campaign Pledge Manager. So, if you are undecided at this time, you will be able to hold off until we're closer to the final reward shipment goes out.

Add Ons AFTER Reward Tiers

Again, your first step should always be choosing the proper reward tier. I've had a few backers ask about adding a second (or fifth...) hardcover copy to their SILVER PACT MENTOR reward tier. You are much better off selecting the Multiple Reward tiers if you want additional copies (MOON AND SUN PARTNERSHIP and HONORED SHAHAN-YA).

Similarly, as mentioned earlier, it's best to start with the Reward Tier that covers most of what you want. If I now realize I don't have Many-Faced Strangers as part of my SILVER PACT MENTOR reward tier, I'm better off switching to the NO MOON SCHOLAR tier first, and then adding my Add On pledge amounts instead of adding the Lunars Companion as an Add On to my existing tier.

It probably goes without saying that all funds are expressed in US Dollars, although Kickstarter displays the approximate conversion rate.

 It Adds Up! 

That should explain the process of Selecting your Reward Tier and increasing your TOTAL PLEDGE AMOUNT to account for any additional rewards you wish to receive. Since increasing your pledge amount increases the overall funding level of the project, add-ons can help us achieve stretch goal targets, so it benefits us all to suggest that you double-check to make sure you're getting all of the rewards you want.

Additionally, this may go without saying, please review your personal budget and ensure you've selected the appropriate reward tier and add ons for your current financial situation. Kickstarter will begin charging your payment method once the campaign ends, so ensure you've budgeted correctly.


As we move through these final days of the campaign, please ensure you've chosen the correct Reward Tier for the rewards you want. And beyond that - please make sure you've adjusted your TOTAL PLEDGE AMOUNT to include the additional funds that will cover any add-ons you wish to receive.

On Thursday, just before the campaign ends, I will send an update detailing the steps that occur after the campaign concludes, including how and when to confirm your add-on rewards.

So, just like every update: Spread the word! Share your excitement on social media! Tell your friends! We're about to enter the rapid race to the finish line, so let's make sure that none of our friends miss out!





about 1 year ago – Sat, Mar 09, 2019 at 01:49:55 PM

Hello Gatecrashers,

We're in the final week of this amazing campaign - it ends on Thursday, March 14 at 2:00 PM EST - and all parts of the project are slowly shifting into their final forms. (That's as close as a shapeshifting metaphor as I can manage...)  With that in mind, I wanted to touch on some of the basics over the next 5 days to make sure that everyone has got all of the information they need to support the project in the way that works best for them. 

Review topics to cover over the next 5 days:

  • Reward Tiers 
  • Add-Ons 
  • Stretch Goals 
  • Final Checklist & Next Steps

Whether you're a new backer or have been with us from day one, these are good items to review to make sure that we all end up where we want to be.

(An aside, if you're a new backer, make sure you check out the MANUSCRIPT PREVIEWS that have been posted - the entire manuscript will be available to review before the campaign concludes)

It's James, your point person for this Kickstarter campaign.
It's James, your point person for this Kickstarter campaign.


Like it says right at the top of the campaign page, we've come together to help create a beautiful deluxe version of Lunars: Fangs at the Gate for Exalted 3rd Edition. To borrow an analogy that I've used in past Kickstarter campaigns, this works similar to the "Viewers Like You" support campaign from your local PBS Station (for those who get American television channels or watched Sesame Street): There are various levels of support that you can pledge to, and these come with various levels of rewards offered as a thank you. Like getting a tote bag or t-shirt when you give money to public broadcasting to fund them doing their thing, you can get rewards for helping Onyx Path work on this project.

Let's review the Backer Reward Tiers to ensure that you've pledged to a Reward Tier that provides all the rewards you wish to receive.

Choosing Your Form: Digital Only or Hardcover + PDF  

The main reward offered in this campaign is, of course, the main goal of the entire proposition: the Fangs at the Gate deluxe book. The first decision you need to make in figuring out your reward tier is whether you want to receive a digital PDF version or if you want the deluxe hardcover book.

Click HERE to load the complete Reward Tier chart
Click HERE to load the complete Reward Tier chart



These are PDF-only reward tiers. So, if you're saving trees or saving shelf space - or avoiding the shipping charges that seem to be ever-increasing - these are the reward tier options that you should begin with. The PDF will be fulfilled by our partners at - when it is ready, you will receive a link to add it to your DTRPG library and be able to download at your leisure.



These reward tiers include the traditionally-printed deluxe hardcover version of this book. That means the books are produced in a large print run at one time, and will have the best production values, from color clarity and appearance to binding and materials. In addition, this option also includes the PDF version, so you will get a digital copy as described above. 

The only Reward Tier that does not include the PDF version of the book is the CASTELESS tier. You should select this Reward Tier if you want to read the manuscript previews posted in the Backers-Only updates (and continue to have access to them after the campaign ends) but do not wish to receive either a PDF or hardcover version of the final book.


It's the same chart, but this time you can pay attention to the right side!
It's the same chart, but this time you can pay attention to the right side!

Once your primary decision between PDF-only or hardcover + PDF (or neither) has been made, it's time to learn about the additional rewards you may wish to receive. 

There are 5 additional reward options we'll cover before discussing Multiple and Premium reward tiers: 

MANUSCRIPT PREVIEWS – All Reward Tiers include access to Backers-Only manuscript previews. With the exception of the Heroes & Monsters chapter (which will be posted early next week), I have posted the entire manuscript across multiple sections. You must be a kickstarter backer to access these previews, as the link will remain in a backers-only update post. The manuscript previews are not available to those who pre-order the book at a later date.  

MANY-FACED STRANGERS PDF - A PDF of supplemental rules and extra material for the Lunars of Exalted. The contents of this companion have been added via Special Reward tiers and Stretch Goal achievements and the book has grown in size and scope throughout the course of the campaign, with still more possible additions to be unleashed. Currently, the Lunars Companion includes:

  •  Lunar Charms Expansion - 10,000 additional words of Lunar Charms.
  •  Animal Bestiary Expansion: 5,000 words of animal quick character stat blocks (roughly seven animals), something very useful for Lunar shapeshifters, but also for Storytellers and anyone looking to take an animal familiar.
  •  Heroes of the Silver Pact: Stat blocks for four prominent Pact Lunars described in Fangs at the Gate: the retired orca warlord Leviathan; the spider king Aum-Ashatra; the markhor sorcerer Aqadar; and the devil of the Burning Sands, Smiling Zamisha.
  •  Martial Arts Expansion: Four distinctly Lunar martial arts styles: the incredibly resilient and venomous Toad style; the brutal, grappling-focused Bear style; the Sun Wukong-inspired Monkey style; and the stealthy, disease-spreading Rat style. 
  •  Chapter Fiction: Add chapter fiction to the Lunars Companion. 
  •  War for the Caul: An adventure path and Storyteller resource for playing out the conflict between the Lunar Exalted and the Realm on the mysterious continent of the Caul.  
  •  War for the Caul 2: Expanding the War for the Caul section, including a stat block for the death-defying black lion warlord Sha’a Oka.
  •  The Shadow Fang Vanguard: A discussion of this autocratic splinter group of the Silver Pact, including its traditions, political culture, and ambitions. Also provides stat blocks for its leaders: the majestic, brutal caribou prince Tayan Silver-Crowned; and her black-crowned night heron advisor Feather Drenched in the Blood of the Fallen. 
  •  Signature Lunar QCs: Stat blocks for the four signature Lunars: the charming but cold-hearted mantis swordsman Tegama; the fennec fox trickster Sazay Shadow-Dancer; the nautilus shaman Silent Pearl; and the emerald dove warleader Tula the Reaver. 
  •  Magic of the Moon: New sorcerous initiations and spells associated with the Silver Pact, and information on Luna’s spirit courts and divine servitors.   

EXALTED 3RD EDITION PDF - the core rules for playing Exalted, and the foundation for the Lunar rules presented in Fangs at the Gate. Exalted 3rd Edition depicts both a revitalized and expanded Creation, and the triumphant return of the Solar Exalted—but whether their rebirth will herald the salvation or destruction of the world, none can say. The system redesign takes the best parts of the previous editions and streamlines the mechanics for maximum playability.

DRAGON-BLOODED: WHAT FIRE HAS WROUGHT PDF - the first deluxe supplement for 3rd Edition, this book introduces the Dragon-Blooded and all the rules necessary to feature them as player characters or NPC antagonists, including character-creation rules and the Dragon-Blooded Charm set of powers. This book gives an iconic view of the Dragon-Blooded, from their mythic origins as the armies of the gods to their place in the current era. It features details of the Realm's Scarlet Dynasty, as well as Lookshy and other locales where Dragon-Blooded outcastes are prominent. Overall, it focuses on the legend of the Dragon-Blooded and the fires they had to walk through to get to where they are, as Creation’s premiere, dominant Exalted.

"AT COST" PoD OPTION: Fangs at the Gate – For Lunars: Fangs at the Gate, you will have the option of using DriveThruRPG’s Print-On-Demand service to purchase a physical, printed copy directly from their PoD partners at as close as we can get to just the cost of printing and shipping (this cost is not included in your pledge, and you do not need to increase the cost of your pledge to use this option). When the PoD versions are available to order (which will be around the time the deluxe hardcover has gone to print), you will receive links to purchase these versions of the book from You DO NOT need to take advantage of this PoD offer as it does not affect in any way your pledge rewards.  

The Choice  

There's been a lot of churn - a lot of Reward Tier adjustments and changes by backers throughout the campaign, as budgets changed and parts of the manuscript were released, or sections were added to Many-Faced Strangers. However, in these final days, it's best to ensure that you've selected the Reward Tier that offers you the options and rewards you want to receive and are ready to lock down. This timing - before the campaign ends - is the absolute most affordable and inclusive these rewards will be, and will save headaches and heartbreaks if fully considered now.

 WAIT! What about special reward tiers?! 

Right! In addition to our "core" Reward Tiers, we've got two other areas for consideration. These are Multiple Copy rewards and Premium Rewards. 

Click HERE to load the complete reward tier chart.
Click HERE to load the complete reward tier chart.

Multiple Copies  

If you are backing for yourself and a friend (or just want a second copy for your collection), the MOON AND SUN PARTNERSHIP Tier was designed for you. 

If you are the point person for your entire gaming group and need 5 copies of the hardcover, the HONORED SHAHAN-YA tier is your clear choice.  

And, finally, if you are a retailer interested in making this available in your store, a special retailer tier, the PATRON OF THE THOUSAND FANGS ARMY, is open to you upon prior approval from Onyx Path (please email prior to selecting this reward to confirm your status).

As discussed on the first day of the campaign, shipping outside the US has gotten quite expensive. Splitting the shipping cost across multiple copies in a single shipment is one way to bring the cost per book down, if you're able to coordinate your backing and delivery with friends.

Click HERE to load the complete reward tier chart
Click HERE to load the complete reward tier chart

Premium Reward Tiers

These special reward tiers offer some enhanced interaction with the setting, from naming characters, serving as inspiration for interior illustrations, helping to create a charm or artifact,  or deciding which real-world animals get write-ups in the Lunar Companion book. These options are limited, however, and only have a few slots open for now. At the time of posting, the following options still have slots available:

  • KEEPER OF MIDNIGHT'S GATES - 21 slots available
  • BEAST-SOUL AWAKENER - 5 slots available
  • WAYFARING LUNAR SAGE - 2 slots available
  • MANY-FACED LUNAR HERO - 1 slot left

If you were interested in a premium reward tier that is currently closed (completely accounted for), keep an eye on them during the final days of the campaign, as there is sometimes movement that opens them up as we approach the conclusion.


So, with all of that said - consider your Reward Tier selection. Are you backing to receive your copy of the PDF or deluxe version of Fangs at the Gate? Have you considered which additional rewards you're most interested in and selected the configuration that best works for you? Did you jump on one of the limited premium reward options?

Make sure your Reward Tier matches what you're looking for - or, at least, covers most of what you're interested in. Tomorrow, we'll cover Add Ons and talk about how to tweak your Reward List to ensure you're getting anything that's missing from your list.  

And, with that, the final countdown begins. Let's lock in our Reward Tiers and keep working towards growing the project so everyone has a chance to join in. DO NOT MISS OUT! And on to the next Stretch Goal!




Backers Only - CHARMS Preview Part 4
about 1 year ago – Sat, Mar 09, 2019 at 01:20:16 AM

This post is for backers only. Please visit and log in to read.

Six Charm Preview Delight
about 1 year ago – Thu, Mar 07, 2019 at 09:57:01 PM

Hello Gatecrashers and Potential Silver Pact Members,

This is our final "open" preview of Lunar Charms. I put these up each Thursday to give our awesome backers a taste of what's in store for tomorrow's manuscript preview, and also to entrance and (hopefully) ensnare any potential backers who are Lunar curious but not ... quite... ready to jump on ... yet.

We're in the final week. We've passed 400% of our funding target. We've built an awesome-sounding companion (check out the Reward Description of Many-Faced Strangers on the main Kickstarter page to see what's been added to the contents... so far), and we've got some cool Stretch Goals in our sights. 

If you're thinking of backing, this is a great time to join in. Over the next week, I'll be talking more about the various Reward Tiers, Add Ons, Stretch Goals and how we'll run this in BackerKit after the campaign ends. The quick version is: if you're interested, jump on now at a reward tier you're comfortable with today... you will be able to "upgrade" your choice in BackerKit in the future. And being part of the kickstarter campaign allows you to access the preview manuscript that we've shared throughout the campaign, as well as being able to Add On stuff like the Many-Faced Stranger companion, the Lunars-Creation map, and more.

OK, that's my Soft Sell Technique in action. The best thing to do is to read the comments on the Kickstarter or check out the many discussions happening around the web. The enthusiasm and excitement and passion that Exalted fans have is contagious... believe me, I know. I've absolutely been swept up and love it! 

It's James, your point person for this Kickstarter campaign. He's enthusiastic!
It's James, your point person for this Kickstarter campaign. He's enthusiastic!

So, join in now and get ready for tomorrow's final Charm preview from the manuscript. Here's a little taste...

Weapon-Trapping Body Dominion

Cost: 3m, 2i, 1wp; Mins: Stamina 5, Essence 3

Type: Reflexive

Keywords: Clash, Perilous

Duration: Instant

Prerequisite Charms: Quicksilver Aegis Embodiment

The Lunar’s body becomes fluid and permeable as she’s struck, her foe’s weapon entering her flesh only to be trapped by twisting cords of sinew, swift-congealing blood, or a cage of solid bone. She clashes an attack with a (Stamina + Resistance) roll, adding (Hardness/2, rounded up) dice. In addition to the usual benefits of winning a clash, if she was attacked with a hand-to-hand weapon, her body absorbs it, disarming her attacker. Characters may dislodge the absorbed weapon with a disarm gambit or a difficulty 5 feat of strength that requires Strength 5+. 

If the attacker used a weapon with the Natural or Worn tag, his limb is instead mired in the Lunar’s flesh. Treat this as a grapple that requires no attack or Initiative roll; the Lunar rolls (Stamina + [Brawl, Martial Arts, or Resistance]) with double 9s as her control roll opposing the attacker’s (Strength + [Brawl or Martial Arts]). 

This Charm is incompatible with armor, except Invulnerable Moonsilver Carapace.

Soul Beyond Shape

Cost: 10m, 3wp; Mins: Stamina 5, Essence 5

Type: Reflexive

Keywords: Mute

Duration: Indefinite

Prerequisite Charms: Flesh-Waxing-Full Regeneration, Form-Shedding Sacrifice, Wound-Mastering Body Evolution

The Lunar is more than the flesh she wears, an immortal Essence that can never truly be destroyed. She may prevent her death — of any cause — by sacrificing one of her human or animal shapes (but not her spirit shape or true human form). She heals any damage in her Incapacitated level, but remains unconscious, reflexively activating False Death Technique (p. XX) and Bear Sleep Technique (p. XX) for free as she enters a deep fugue. If she uses Wound-Mastering Body Evolution (p. XX), she waives its ongoing Initiative cost.

While in this fugue, the Lunar can’t take damage except from decisive attacks, and doesn’t need food, water, or air. If an attack would kill her, she may sacrifice another shape to prevent it.

Once the Lunar heals a single level of damage, this Charm ends. As she wakes, the corpses of the sacrificed forms emerge from her body, bearing the fatal wounds she avoided.

This Charm can only be used once per story.

Last Warrior’s Unity

Cost: 1m, 1wp; Mins: Strength 3, Essence 1

Type: Reflexive

Keywords: Stackable

Duration: Indefinite

Prerequisite Charms: Ferocious Biting Tooth

The Lunar’s hands flow over and around her weapon, melting and merging until warrior and weapon are one. She fuses a weapon to her body, making it impossible to disarm, but rendering the hand or hands holding it unable to take other actions. This Charm can be stacked to merge with multiple weapons.

If the Lunar shifts into an animal shape unable to normally wield the weapon, it’s banished Elsewhere as usual (p. XX) unless it’s moonsilver. Moonsilver weapons assume compatible forms, and can merge with extremities normally unable to wield weapons — a grand daiklave might become a massive stinger extending from a scorpion’s tail; a dragon sigh wand might fuse with an eagle’s beak. These don’t count as natural weapons.

Nightmare Scar Memento

Cost: —; Mins: Strength 5, Essence 2

Type: Permanent

Keywords: Totemic (Charisma)

Duration: Permanent

Prerequisite Charms: Limb-Maiming Flourish

Even when those maimed by the Lunar’s claws escape her, their wounds remind them that the hunt isn’t over. Characters that suffer a crippling injury inflicted by the Lunar count as having a Minor Tie of fear towards her until it fully heals. If the injury is a severed limb or comparable maiming, it counts as a Major Tie instead. The Lunar adds (Essence) dice on threaten rolls with any Attribute against such characters. Receiving an artifact or other magical prosthetic replacement for a maimed limb counts as healing it for this Charm’s purposes.

Totemic: A Lunar whose spirit shape has a threaten or intimidate dice pool may learn this as a Charisma Charm, with Endless Nightmare Hunt (p. XX) as its prerequisite.

Shadow-Mind Meditation

Cost: 10m, 1wp; Mins: Wits 4, Essence 3

Type: Simple

Keywords: Mute

Duration: Instant

Prerequisite Charms: Nightmare Beast Soul

The Lunar pours her skepticism, bitterness, and fury into a lacuna in her soul, forming a “shadow-mind,” an independent consciousness that lurks within. The shadow-mind has its own Intimacies, chosen when she purchases this Charm: It begins with all the Lunar’s Defining Intimacies and any Tie she has for her Solar mate, but its own unique set of Major and Minor Intimacies. Because a shadow-mind is born of a Lunar’s darkest impulses, all unique Intimacies assigned when it’s created must either be negative Ties or Principles rooted in a pessimistic or skeptical worldview.

Using this Charm entails four hours of meditation, awakening the shadow-mind (or suppressing it, if it’s already active). It has the same overall identity and memory as the Lunar, but its Intimacies replace hers for as long as it remains active. Its Intimacies can be changed as usual, but it grants +1 non-Charm Resolve against instill rolls to create or strengthen positive Ties or Principles rooted in optimism. Likewise, the Lunar is incapable of voluntarily forming or strengthening such Intimacies while the shadow-mind is active. 

Dark Premise Duality

Cost: —; Mins: Wits 4, Essence 3

Type: Permanent

Keywords: None

Duration: Permanent

Prerequisite Charms: Shadow-Mind Meditation

The Lunar’s shadow-mind grows into a distinct self, a reflection of who she could have been. Upon purchasing this Charm, her player designs an alternate set of social and mental Attributes to use while her shadow-mind is active. She may reallocate up to two dots each among her social Attributes (Appearance, Charisma, and Manipulation) and her Mental Attributes (Perception, Intelligence, and Wits). She can’t reallocate dots from a social Attribute to a mental Attribute, or vice versa. 

If this lowers an Attribute below the minimum needed for any of the Lunar’s Charms, she loses access to that Charm while her shadow-mind is active (with the exception of this Charm and Shadow-Mind Meditation itself). Conversely, the Lunar may learn Charms whose minimums she meets only with her shifted Attributes, but can only access them while her shadow-mind is active (or if she subsequently raises her true Attributes to meet their minimum).